The House Of Howls-October writing prompt

This was written in response to a great set of prompts I found on Putting My Feet In The Dirt. 

The rules are write for ten minutes so all typos and bodge jobs are allowed. I really enjoyed this! Ten minutes, just writing and not over-thinking. Thanks M, will definitely give more of these a go. Hope you like this!

The House Of Howls

Photo by Eric Muhr on Unsplash

Hallowe’en was the best time of the year.

Sam stood at the gates of that house. He did every year. His two best friends were beside him. Every year they would go trick or treating and end up staring at this house. The stories about this house were well known to every child at school and all their parents. On quiets nights you could hear strange noises, like people crying out in pain. And then there was the man. No-one knew who he really was and Sam could find no-one who had ever spoken to him. Every now and then you would see him standing at the window, glaring at anyone who dared go past. So that was how he came to find himself outside the house again on Hallowe’en.

“I’m going to do it.” His friends turned to him with skepticism in their eyes.

“You say that every year.”

He grinned, the breeze sweeping his fringe away from his forehead. He tried his best to suppress the shiver through rattled through him. Without thinking too much about it, in case he changed his mind, he went to the where the gate met the wall and hauled himself up. His two friends made murmurs of discontent but he could see the awe in their eyes. Silently, he dropped to the ground and made his way along the hedges towards the house to finally find the source of the howls.

Hallowe’en was the worst time of the year.

Malachi sat at the table, staring at the clock. He was so old now. Time passed in a different way to him but this night of the year always seemed to stretch out forever. He didn’t know whether it was because the veil was thinnest now or because or the fools parading around outside constantly irking his temper.

Something attracted his attention. A noise, rustling. He was by the window in an instant. There. Movement in the bushes. Not even breathing, he waited. It was gone. His blasted imagination, all because of those idiots in costume. Somehow he never sensed the boy come up behind him. But he did hear the howling get worse as he lost consciousness.

It was probably only minutes since he passed out but the boy was whimpering in the corner, his hands clamped over his ears. He let them weigh down on him for a few more seconds before focusing his will on the veil.

“What’s going on?” There were tears streaming down his face.


Malachi stood up and rubbed the back of his head as he mentally searched through the house. “Any of them could have escaped.”


“The spirits. I’m all that holds them back.” He felt a tug at the corner of his mind as one tried to push its way through the barrier. “Come here, you’re going to have to help me clean up this mess.”


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