Master’s Hall- a flash fiction

Photo by Nicolae Rosu on Unsplash

“Why would he lead us here?”

“Something must tell us where they’ve gone,” Saoirse tried to ignore his bad mood.

“The place has been trashed. It’s been abandoned for a while now.” He threw his hands into the air, letting them slap back down against his legs.

“Keep looking.” Saoirse scoured every inch of the ground, being careful where she left her footprints in the plaster dust. Broken furniture lay scattered over the floor, pieces of brick and plaster laying like snow across them. Light invaded the room through the towering windows, highlighting the gaping holes in the walls. Just to be thorough, she photographed every inch of the room despite the sinking feeling she shared with Eoin. Her gaze faltered on a void in the dust- a footprint. She crouched down to get a closer look. It wasn’t Eoin’s, but it was new. She took her phone out of her pocket and laid it next to the print for scale as she took a shot of it.

“I’m going to call Aiden,” Eoin’s voice echoed back to her. The vaulted ceilings caused the sound to bounce, making it sound like he was all around her. Saoirse carefully picked her way across the floor to meet him. A loud boom exploded above them. She reached for her right pocket, spinning and dropping to the floor, only to see a pigeon flying through the room.

“Touchy,” Eoin smirked as he lifted the phone to his ear. Saoirse shook off the embarrassment, taking deep breaths to get her heartbeat under control. A shrill beeping noise came from the darkness ahead of them. The smile slipped from Eoin’s face as the ringtone carried on. Their eyes locked as he ended his call and the noise ceased. They both turned to the darkness beyond the stage.

“This is bad.”

Written in  response to a Creative Writing Ink prompt


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