Bad Day At Tempus Rock- Nanowrimo

This is the prologue of the story I am currently writing as my Nanowrimo project. If you would like to see more as we continue Nanowrimo, leave a comment below!


It was time to leave. Jason took one last look around at the Berlin Wall before traipsing off to find a quiet alleyway somewhere. The breeze was sharper than you’d expect causing him to pull his leather jacket tighter around him. He liked it when he could use his own clothes at a shift site. Two young German women passed by him, smiling coquettishly as he gave them his best grin. He considered a delay for a brief second. Shaking his head, he carried on.

Eventually he found a side road behind a restaurant and slipped down it. He followed it as it bent round behind the building and waited to check no-one was going to suddenly appear as he was shifting back. His back against the wall, he pulled his sleeve back to reveal what seemed to any unsuspecting passer-by to be a watch. But this ‘watch’ was keyed into his specific biometrics. He tapped in the lock code and set the return protocol to active. It linked to the earbud and began the 10 second countdown. Tonight he would be back in his own bed and not worrying about being caught on the wrong side of the Wall. He felt the familiar build-up of electrical charge course through his body as he began to be pushed out of phase. He finally felt himself relax.

That was when everything went to hell.


The first thing that occurred to him was the darkness. As in, complete pitch black, absence of light. He couldn’t even see his own hand although he knew he was looking directly at it. Which way was up, which way was down? He had no idea.

The second things he noticed was the lack of sound. He felt his heart beat and that was literally it. It was beating a little faster than he would like too. He swallowed the panic rising within and started to try and think practically. He’d trained for mishaps; there was always a procedure. Okay, the watch, there was an emergency beacon protocol on it. It simply required him to press and hold his thumb on the face of the watch for twenty seconds solidly. He felt round his wrist and firmly planted his thumb on the watch and waited. The watch wasn’t even giving out any light. He should have seen something. It had been twenty seconds now so he should have heard the beeps to say the protocol had been initiated. Something was wrong with the watch.

That was when he realised the third fact. He could feel the black pressing in on him, as if it was trying to squeeze him out of existence. The pressure built up in his skull and in his chest until he could barely stay conscious. His mouth was open and he was pretty sure he was screaming yet still there was no noise. So this was how he was going to go. The thought was not a comforting one. He’d always assumed he’d go out in some wild gun fight, maybe even at the OK Corral. Not trapped in some void. The pressure ramped up again. He couldn’t take it. As he finally lost consciousness, he became aware of a static sensation and hearing an almighty scream.


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