Todd- The Supervillain’s Assistant

Over the last few months, I have become a feverent follower of some writing prompts on twitter. There are daily and weekly prompts for all genres and styles of writing; from ten word storys to sci-fi from puns to haikus. I happened upon the SuperheroSaturday weekly prompt and started on a week where the prompt was to write about a henchman. Hence Todd appeared, an unsuspecting personal assistant who was fed up of his job so decided to try his luck somewhere else. Unfortunately, what the job ad didn’t mention was that the position was to assist a supervillain (albeit it fairly rubbish one). I enjoyed writing the thread about Todd over the few weeks that prompted about the henchmen. In fact, I enjoyed them so much that I decided that Toby would be the main character in my SuperheroSat prompts every week.  And so, here, collected on one page for your delight and delication are the complete adventures (so far) of Todd and his boss. For more adventures, stay tuned to the twitter feed every Saturday and search the #SuperheroSat prompt.

Todd was sick of his deadend job. He wanted to make a difference in the world. It was time for a change. And boy did he get one! “The Supervillain’s Assistant”.

Episode 1

“I’m here for the interview.”

“Take a seat, the master will be here shortly?”

“Master? Umm, am I at the right interview?”

“You’re here for the minion role?”

“Minion? I thought it was a PA role?”

“That’s what we all think to start with.”


Episode 2

“I’m not sure I understand. I thought the interview was for a PA role?”

“It is.”


“I’m a supervillain?”

“Well yes.”

“You think I have time for paperwork? Or the insurance claims? Figuring out whose turn it is to take minutes for the League of Evil?”


Episode 3

“How do you feel about sacrifice in the name of greater good?”

“Sacrifice? You mean giving the odd weekend for work?”

“Not quite..” They stared awkwardly at each other. “You get 6 weeks holiday a year..”

“6 weeks. Well, I mean a little sacrifice never hurt anyone.”


Episode 4

Todd yawned as he waited for his boss to be released.

“What took so long?”

“I’ve bailed you out, you’re welcome. Can I ask why you attacked 3 children?”

“They weren’t children. They were the Superthree, my enemies!”

“They were trick or treating.”

“Lies and subterfuge!”


Episode 5

-All that time being incarcerated gave me an excellent idea Todd!

-I’ll bet.

-We will steal the Flux crystal and put all the slimy children into a vortex.

-Right.Why’s that?

-To draw out my nemesis!And to get revenge on those wretched kids.They egged my car


Episode 6

-I told you it was a bad idea.

-Oh you say that now Todd.

-No,I said it before, many times. Going on GMB to tell Piers you’re taking over the world could only end one way.

-He laughed Todd. Damnit he laughed at me.

-Well, did you have to use the kid’s voice changer?


Episode 7

-Todd, bring the car round.

-But it’s the big dinner where you were going to lord it over your old villain-school mates with tales of the bank robbery?

-Evil Mike robbed a bigger bank so we need to break into the museum and get back with a Monet or two by 7pm.


Episode 8

-Todd, I want to fly. Make it happen.

-What, book a plane?

-No, I want to fly. I want to cast a glorious silhoutte in the moonlight as I glide through the air.

-Right. I’m going to need some wires… and a crane. Maybe a crashmat.


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