Shells of light- A mega prompt story

This week I decided to take the prompts from several twitter sources and combine them to create a short story instead of the usual tweet sized micro-fiction. Thank you to all prompt givers and I hope you like this! (#SciFanSat, #SciFiSat, #Satsplat, #SoYouWriteSat, #vss365, #BardBits)

It had been days since the creature had cocooned itself in the glassy, shimmering shell. At first, I had sat and watched it, not leaving its side but eventually I drifted away only checking on it every few hours. The small creature had been hidden in a small box that I had bought from a curio shop. The owner had regaled me with tales of the magical item; I hadn’t believed a word. I simply liked the box: dark oak wood with mother of pearl inlaid into the lid in an intricate twisting pattern.

That night I had opened it up and the creature sat there staring at me. I yelped and dropped the box sending the small gnarled, lizard-like beast scuttling under the sofa. I had checked the box in the shop. He had not been in there. I daren’t leave the room, staring at the sofa in case the thing escaped and disappeared somewhere in the house just to attack me later. I had no idea what it was; it was like nothing I had even seen before. It resembled a lizard but it used its front legs more like arms and made an odd chirruping noise. Eventually it came out and sat opposite me, the pair of us staring at each other intently. It was that night that it had encased itself in the shell. It seemed to grow, weaving tendrils around the creature until is was completely out of sight.

In the days since then, I had grown a little complacent, hard to believe I know but I am not a patient person. I passed the living room, glancing in the door before lurching round to stare at the pieces of shell shattered on the floor. It had hatched! But where was it now? It wasn’t long before I heard the noise. It was an odd bombinating over towards the window. There hovering before the glass was a small dragon. An explosive palette of colours washed over his scales, almost iridescent as he twisted and turned in the air. I was mesmerised by the dance he weaved in the air. Floods of emotion threatened to overwhelm me as I realised I had been a part of this magical creature’s rebirth. The dragon’s buzzing noise increased as he spotted I was near and dived at the window again. Understanding his intent, I moved quickly to the window and threw it open. He twisted mid-air to look at me one last time before disappearing into the night sky.

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash



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