Todd and the Christmas Party

(For those of you that don’t know about Todd, may I suggest you look at a previous post titled Todd-Supervillain’s Assistant. Basically, he is a personal assistant, to a supervillain, but not a very good one.) Here is a little extended Todd story for the holidays.

-Todd, why aren’t you inside? The party is just getting started.

-Well, I just needed a little quiet. And to get away from Evan and the Nerf gun.

-Ha! Evan is a very good shot!

-I know, Mary is still in first aid. I think she’ll be lucky to watch the Queen’s speech with two functioning eyes tomorrow.

-Well, funny you should mention the Queen’s speech. I’ve had an idea. I think we should hijack it! I can talk to the entire nation!

-Right, nice plan, one hitch.

-What? You think we can’t do it? I’ve already had a headcount and I’ve got fifteen people in there up for it; although, I think Roger will probably be too hung over. Might need to get an Uber though, think everyone will be over the limit.

-No, different problem. You know the speech isn’t live.



-It is?

-Yup, since 1959.

-Oh. Ok. Probably for the best. Don’t think Doris is in a fit state to be in charge of the blasters anyway.

-Doris is never in a fit state. Promise me Doris will never be in charge of the blasters.

-Scrap that then. I’m going back in, we’re playing pin the tail on the superhero.

-A picture?

-No, we managed to kidnap Megaman earlier. Oh, I got something for you.


-A present, it is Christmas after all.

-Oh, thanks Boss.

-It’s on your desk.

With that, the supervillain re-entered the party immediately calling for a conga. Todd shook his head in disbelief and made his way through the, thankfully empty, staff room to his desk. Just like he had said, a small parcel was sat on his desk. He checked there was no-one watching before hurrying over to the present and ripping off the wrapping paper. The box inside showed a picture of a mug. Written on the side was: World’s Best PA. Todd couldn’t help but smile. His boss might be insane, he might want to take over the world, he might also be really, really bad at it but at least he did appreciate him. He picked at the tab on the box to get a closer look at the mug. As soon as he opened the lid, a prank snake leapt out at him and over his right shoulder causing him to squeal like a pig. A few deep breaths later and his pulse was back under control. He shook his head again and put the mug back in the box, remembering the present he had left for the boss on his desk. A small smile played on his lips as he imagined how long it would take him to get rid of the ink.

-Happy Christmas Boss.


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