Miss Nicoletta and the Mysterious Mecha-Dinosaur

From Pixabay

It doesn’t take much for the general populace to get excited these days. Even so, the noise and rushing of children closely followed by harrassed nannies piqued my interest. As I followed the hubbub, I realised that something was most definitely afoot. A crowd had gathered that would’ve put the Great Exhibiton to shame. Unfortunately, I had, as always seems to be the case, found myself stuck behind a rather statuesque man with an equally impressively sized hat. I attempted to lean round the gentleman to see what the commotion was all about. Alas, he was rather a giant so I ‘accidentally’ prodded him with my parasol which did the trick in lowering him somewhat.

His cries of pain and indignant looks shot in my direction were completely dimissed as I took in the sight ahead of me. Right there in the park, were the most magnificent mecha-dinosaurs. I was going to need a closer look. I fluttered my eyelashes at the man and retreated towards the back of the ever-growing crowd. I needed to find a way around to the side. There was a line of trees that ran along the avenue through the park. The crowd had ever so considerately used this as a sort of barrier and didn’t go any further. Scurrying as fast as the blastest skirts on my dress would allow, I made for the trees. Thankfully everyone was so fixated on the dinosaurs that no-one paid me the slightest bit of attention when I unfastened the poppers along the front of my skirts revealing the trousers underneath. Parasol was hooked into my belt, I began my ascent up the tree.

From my place in the branches I got a good view of the beasts. They were truly beautiful. However, I also knew that they were not the Queen’s doing. If she had ordered their creation, I would have been briefed. So who, other than the Victoria’s boffins, was able to create such a machine? This was not a mystery Her Majesty would let lie. She was going to want a report, so I needed more details. It seemed as though I was going to have to hitch a ride.

vss 365 #lean
Title of the story: Miss Nicoletta and the Mysterious Mecha-Dinosaur
Word count: 365, not including title


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