Nowhere to go but down (Part 1) -a prompt story

Methodshop on Pixabay

A new fallen snow had added complexity to the situation. Hard to not leave footprints across the roof. It was not a situation she had accounted for, which was unsurprising seeing as it hadn’t snowed on this planet for 4 orbits of the star. 6 and a half old Earth years give or take.

After the issues with the Galatians, she has decided it was time for a holiday, let her hair down a bit. Billy was back on their home planet, out of their way. The Galatians had backed off and now had bigger fish to worry about with the Marshalls breathing down their accounts. She had even given Carlos the week off. He was probably rather inebriated at that very moment, partying with the Firebots on the satellite base.

It was only supposed to a quiet trip to the surface. But then she had heard about the Crown Prince’s rather gaudy display of treasure right there in his own home. It had been thought of as in poor taste as most of it had been stolen from the indigenous race on the planet before the Rumairians had colonised. He just needed to be shown the error of his ways. And that dagger was just so pretty.

She had resisted for about 4 hours. The lure of doing a job with no back up, limited equipment, just like in the old days was just too much to deny. That was how she found herself on the roof of the Prince’s home, with rappelling gear in a black bag. She moved noiselessly across the roof, the voids in the snow the only hint she had been there. A grey metal box sat in front of her. A jerk of the wrist and her lock pick tools were in her hand. Seconds later the front of the box was open, baring its wires and flashing nodes. She tried not to let the door open too far, it was not advisable to get too much damp in the circuits. She isolated the security system and hardwired her tablet into it. The smile spread across her face as it overrode the protocols and took control. This was too much fun.

Once the tablet was all in the green, she pushed the door to and made her way over to the hatch. Holding her breath, she hauled the lock handle round and pulled up. When it was open a crack, she paused, waiting and listening. She knew her programme had done its job but every time there was that element of doubt. No alarms started screaming at her. She left her breath out and opened the hatch fully, quickly going about setting her rig up across the gap. Her hands moved with practised ease, muscle memory doing the work for her. She didn’t really need to be looking at this. This part always made her think of those first jobs with her grandfather.

She hitched herself onto the rig and leapt into the hole, completely trusting the equipment. The tension on the ropes made the descent smooth. As her neared the ground, she contorted her body and spun round so her feet him the lush, red carpet. A tug on the guide rope made the mechanism stop pulling. She unhooked her rig and left the rope there, hoping to be back quick enough that no-one would happen upon it. It was the middle of the night and her motion sensors had not picked up any movement for two hours. There were guards but they were stationed by the Prince’s rooms. So all she had to do was be very quiet.

To be continued…

Written in response to Putting My Feet In The Dirt’s March writing prompts 1. A new fallen snow


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