The Kill Box- a seedling story

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‘Nothing’s working,’ I hissed as I checked on Sanya’s wound. My mentor lay pale and listless but still able to smile.

‘Your magic surpasses theirs.’

‘I’m out of tricks Master,’ I popped up to check their position.

He coughed, ‘Improvise, use your imagination boy!’

I growled in annoyance, even now he chastised me! Glancing at his wound, I saw the blood seeping through the new bandage already. He would be fine, so long as I could get us out of here soon. A teleportation spell was out; they had someone magically sealing the area.

I crept forward to peer between the metal barrels that we had taken shelter behind. Gregor was laughing wandering around the open space. Fires roared either side of him, leaping out of the barrels. The others were hiding. The only thing stopping them attacking were the magical traps I had managed to scatter as we retreated to our position.

The barrel to the side of me exploded and shot backwards ten feet as Gregor got bored of waiting. One on the other side of me did the same thing. Improvise he says. I had nothing left. All the magic I had was good in one-on-one combat, but to take on five. I let out a cry of annoyance. Why take on all five at once?

Another barrel flew, bathed in white lightning. I needed to be quick. I sat down beside Sanya. As I closed my eyes, I took a deep breath and tried to steady my breathing. Stopping time was not a spell to be used lightly and couldn’t be held for long periods. Not long enough to get Sanya away. But it would help even the odds. I heard another barrel explode near to my left and then…nothing.

I opened my eyes and stood up. Gregor was frozen mid-spell casting. The stream of power still visible from his hand. Cautiously, I walked over to the mines and picked them up. With time frozen they would not go off with my disruption. Not until time restarted anyway.

I ruffled Gregor’s hair as I placed one of the mines at his feet.

“Present,” I grinned and went about finding the others.

Prompt word=improvise Word count =365

This story was expanded from a #vss365 microstory written on March 4th and written in repsonse to the Seedling Challenge found on


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