She Walks – a prompt short story

She sucked the colour from the land. She sucked the colour from the sky. As her bare feet carried her forward, the plant life around her withered and died. It was as if she was poisoning the very air that surrounded her.

Black hair flowed around her face and down her back, tangled and knotted. Her pale, alabaster skin almost shone in comparison to the dark clothing that seemed to swarm around her. Others might have considered her beautiful if not for the hate and viciousness that oozed from her every gesture.

Above her, the birds flocked, fleeing the sky looking for a safe place to hide. She laughed. There was nowhere safe from her. The noise echoed across the grey land, sounding like thunderclaps in villages just on the edge of her reach.

She paused and sucked in a deep breath. The clean air disgusted her but she had been trapped for so long that it did serve as a small relief. Her hand drifted up and started scratching symbols in front of her. Where her fingers traced, burning red lined remained. Her hand weaved the spell she needed. As she finished, the symbol flashed brightly before turning to ash and drifting to the floor.

A crow landed at her feet, cawing for its mistress.

“Tell me,” her voice even made the bird flinch. “Where is the one that summoned me?”


Photo by Pelly Benassi on Unsplash

From a creative writing ink prompt Mar 8th


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