Intervention (a poem)

For generations we’ve wished that the youth would act

Now they do, we complain, belittle, push them back.

Stop assuming they know nothing, been force-fed false truths,

They’re canny and wily, they know what’s fake news.

Perhaps you should listen, hear what they say

They have views, made opinions and at the end of the day

Tomorrow it’s their world, where they’ll try to put right

The things we’ve destroyed, that we hid out of sight.

It’s far too late for some, heartbreaking to believe

Animals we knew, they’ll only see on tv.

Early edit

So instead of ignoring all science and fact,

Instead of ridiculing their desire to act,

Perhaps you should listen, where there’s smoke there’s been fire

Don’t just jump in and call them all liars.


At the end of it all, I’m reminded of one simple truth

They’re children

We’re adults

Perhaps there’s more maturity in youth.


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