Voiceless – prompt poem

They all talk, I look on and open my mouth

It shuts again quickly, I listen instead

Try as I might I cannot join in

Despite the words that shout in my head


No time like the present, you’ve a right to be heard

My stomach twists as I gear up to speak

Then the moment passes, I’ve missed my chance

I sink deeper into shadows, there’s no room for the meek


A hundred people surround me, yet alone I still sit

Slink away from the crowds, retreat to the gloom

Replay the events, rewrite my small part

Remember it differently as I stay alone in my room


The real me is in here, just refuses to come out

It hides behind anxiety so the others can’t see

So I sit here and write the adventures I could have

The stories of another fictious character who is me


Written in response to Putting My Feet in the Dirt’s October Writing Prompt No #6



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