Blending – ‪#NYR2020 flash fiction entry

Here is my entry to the ‪#NYR2020- New Year’s Revolution Flash Fiction Event. My theme word is evolution

I had tried all avenues open to me. They had stolen everything, including my pride. But it was time for a new approach. In my current form I was helpless, pathetic. But I had the tools to fix that. Then I would show them; retribution would be mine.

The workshop was the only home I had left, only because no-one knew about it yet. They had reduced my apartment to ash. I had been safely ensconced here amongst my artefacts and equipment, blissfully unaware of my whole life burning mere streets away. From then on, I had spent most waking hours examining every word in the grimoire, analysing every nuance. Those fools told me it could not, should not be attempted. They thought me mad but with science I would be able to refine the process. They wanted to stop me but they only pushed me closer to greatness.

The workshop was dark, only the orange bulbs dotted around the outside gave light. There were no windows; the whole unit was below ground, safe from incursion. From this plane at least. The grimoire now lay open, discarded on the far bench. The words had been memorised long ago. I had pushed the benches to the edges of the room and now stood in the circle cast into the floor. It had taken painstaking hours to create the perfect groove and then inlay it with molten iron. A secondary circle, set up with a series of electromagnets, was an addition of mine. I could not have him escaping without fulfilling my wishes.

Flasks and containers sat in a row ahead of me. Ingredients long ago lost to mankind, I had recreated – the chemical composition as close as possible. There was no reason for delay.

I rolled up my shirt sleeves, exposing the patterns I had etched into my own skin. Reaching outside the circles, I flicked the electromagnet system on and could feel the thrum of power through the tattoos. The ink could conduct electricity; the power I would be directing into this evocation would be unparalleled. I whispered the words to imbue the iron circle with magic.

The next few minutes took all my concentration and power. The words and actions of the grimoire flowed from memory, the alien language sounding as natural as possible. Everything had been practised to perfection. When the final words left my mouth, I felt a surge of power leaving my barely able to stand. From the iron circle, a wall of fire rose to the ceiling and beyond that a wall of lightning danced around the electromagnetic barrier. I knew that my enemies would be able to see the circles rise to the heavens, just as I knew that the circles would descend to the underworld making my presence known there too. Beings of power would be drawn in but only the one I had summoned would be able to pass through.

I slowed my breathing and settled in for the wait. I knew my quarry would not appear immediately. I had been working on this for too long to become impatient and ruin my chances now.

In the end, it did not take long. The call had been strong. I tried not to grin too widely as he coalesced into view before me. He would have passed for human were he not so perfect.

“You summon me?” His sibilant voice dripped with irritation.

“I have a proposition for you,” I spoke with as much confidence as I could muster.

“Speak before I tire of your existence.”

“A coalition.”

The demon before me rose an eyebrow, indicating I should continue.

“I have an ability for magic and a mastery over science. Skills you could use to their full advantage. I have enemies that need to be shown the error of their ways. Together, nothing could stand in our way.”

“You offer yourself as a vessel?”

“I offer myself as a partner. Co-habitation so to speak,” I began. “This world needs teaching some respect but the old ways are outdated. We need to, evolve, in order to hold dominion. That is what I offer.” The demon reached out and put his palm to my forehead. I felt him search my mind, checking the merchandise.

“I like the sound of this evolution,” he drew himself up to his full height. His skin began to glow as he drew his power in. “Are you ready, partner?”

Now, I grinned.


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