Always be prepared (Tempus Rock)-A MidWeekFlashChallenge Short

For the picture prompt for this piece, please visit MidWeekFlashChallenge week 273

‘Did you not think maybe it would have been an idea to get us on the other side of all the water? You know, on the side with the town we need to check?’

‘We are in the exact right time and mere metres away from the location. You really do expect everything don’t you While. What next, shall I pull a rabbit from my jacket?’

‘I’ll tell you where that rabbit…’

‘Honestly man, do you have no civility?’ Tobias wandered a little way up desperately searching for some means of traversing the water. He may be brushing off While’s complaints but he was annoyed at himself. There weren’t many accounts of this town from the year they needed. How far wrong could a report from ten years before be? About a ten metre wide stretch of water to be exact. ‘There are some pieces of wood back there. I’m sure I can find something to fashion some rope with and we can construct a raft.’ Tobias nodded, as much to convince himself as While.

‘Uh huh. Sounds like a plan.’

It took Tobias a beat too long to realise While’s comment was too agreeable. Where was the mockery? His head snapped up as he sensed a chronometer whirring into life.

‘While? What are you? Don’t you dare…’

‘Relax, it will what, take six hours to sort out a raft? No need for us both to waste the time. I’ll see you in six.’


He was already gone.

The next six hours’ activities pivoted between trying (and failing) to build a raft and constructing a vicious enough looking weapon to unleash ion While when the treacherous blighter finally returned. The weather was clement and he had eaten before they landed and yet still, Tobias felt his temper fraying and his grip on his sanity starting to slip. He was still yelling at the bird who had flown away with a sapling he had been trying to tie round the logs when he heard the chuckling behind him.

Tobias launched forward, twig pointed threateningly towards While’s eyes. ‘Steady Toby. No harm done. Look, I even grabbed us an inflatable dinghy.’

‘It took six hours to get a dinghy?’

‘No, about five minutes. Thought I’d have a nap while I was there.’

Tobias resumed his attack and thrust the stick forward just as While manoeuvred the inflatable between them. A sharp hiss silenced them both. They stared at each other, both men’s face impassive. The stick must have been sharper than Tobias realised.


3 thoughts on “Always be prepared (Tempus Rock)-A MidWeekFlashChallenge Short

  1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    I’ve missed these guys 😂😂😂
    Such a brilliant slapstick partnership.
    I can just visualise their faces as the inflatable hisses… though perhaps While should have been prepared for this eventuality, they are, after all, time travellers 😜

    Liked by 1 person

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