The Cathedral – The Reveal

Cast your minds back to September to a short piece called The Cathedral where I mentioned it was a challenge to @WaysUnseen to create a picture based on the drawing. After reading the piece, there may have been a few terse words about the inclusion of a spiral staircase but in the end, the spiral staircase was added and there’s even an extra room appeared! Check back to the story here and see how well you think they match up. You can see more of @WaysUnseen’s work on Instagram or check out his patreon here.


One thought on “The Cathedral – The Reveal

  1. I remember this story well, it was definitely worth bringing to life with the drawings of @WaysUnseen👍
    The spiral staircase must have been tricky but does help to show the depth of your words.
    I recommend a look at @WaysUnseen, definitely some good fantastical maps for those who might use them for games or even inspiration for a story…you never know when the muse might strike 👍💞


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