The Crypt – An RPG style adventure

Well, my last post was the fruits of @WaysUnseen’s work after I challenged him to draw the The Cathedal. I figure it’s only fair I do the same. The picture below was draw by @WaysUnseen and he asked me to try and write an RPG style dungeon synopsis that could be a adapted an RPG game. I’ll admit I haven’t yet played an RPG so I was a little in the dark but hopefully it fits the bill. And even if you don’t play RPGs hopefully you’ll enjoy the little fantasy story 🙂 Find more pics on Instagram and check out his patreon for high res images and more.

We’ve all heard the rumours of a great treasure lurking somewhere beneath Neverwyld but few are foolish enough to try and seek it out. Not one party who has set off in search of the mythical treasure has ever returned, and no-one is any the wiser as to what the treasure actually could be. But times are hard, and with the three kingdoms on the verge of war, taxes sky high to pay for growing armies, anyone could be forgiven for resorting to treasure hunting to survive the winter. And this is how you find yourself at the gate of the town graveyard; it was the last place the last group of adventurers were seen so it seems as good a place as any to begin your hunt…

The Crypt by WaysUnseen

The graveyard: It’s highly secure for such a small graveyard but the presence of two brick mausoleums implies some important people have been buried here; in fact, you see the name Vedici carved into the side wall, the ruling family on the second Kingdom. And yet, it seems as though the place has been allowed to fall into some disrepair. Stones have been broken and some completely fallen down. Was it age or something more, violent, that caused the damage? A well-worn path weaves its way between the graves one of which is open and waiting to receive its new incumbent. The shovel sits in the pile of dirt ready to seal them in. There may be something else at the bottom of grave but it is too dark to see. A withered tree sits beside the gates, no leaves remain on its branches but the limbs seem to point menacingly. After a search of the whole open area, you can find no obvious signs of concealed locations. The only place you haven’t looked is inside the mausoleums. There are two small buildings next to each other, both with locked, sturdy doors. Somehow you need to see what’s inside.

The Crypt: On opening the second mausoleum, you are greeted with a hole and a ladder. This is looking promising. The ladder is secure and seems to have been there since the mausoleum was built. What’s more surprising is the crypt room it opens out into. A quick glance round reveals some pottery and two stone coffins with various carvings on the side. On one there is a carving of bears and men fighting on the other, two armies lined up, one fighting alongside vipers. On the wall there are two flags with Vedici crests on, and sconces. But the sconces are still lit. There is an archway leading to a second room which is the only obvious way out of here.

The Camp: The area through the doorway resembles a camp with lean-to structures jutting out over the courtyard giving shelter. Looking up, you see a structure of wooden beams and panels that appears to have been a makeshift ceiling as you realise this used to be outside. In fact, as you look up you can still see a hole up allowing the tiniest sliver of a view of the night sky. Scouting around gives a better inventory of the area, there are some sealed wooden crates, a fire in the centre that still has the remnants of a long-dead fire in it, and the discarded waste from a meal the last adventurers must have cooked down here. There is no way out of the camp. The walls are thick stone; they look like they are walls of an old castle. But in the dirt, you see something scratched away, someone has been trying to write on the ground with a stick but it’s hard to see.

When you manage to get enough light, you see the names of the three ruling families of the three kingdoms with another word written beside in a language you don’t recognise: Vedici-ursus, Cairne-equus and Fizaire-serpens.

The last adventurers decided it was important but would it help find the way out?

The River: Finally you piece together the puzzle, if this is a Vedici mausoleum why would there be a Fizaire coffin inside? After pressing the carvings of the snakes, the coffin lid releases and you find the staircase down. When you reach the bottom, you find the cavern opens out to reveal an underground river. The air is stale down here but there is a breeze coming from further down the passage, following the river. A boat is tied up just beyond a small wooden bridge. There are two doorways off the cavern, one on the other side of the river but you can see a mound where someone has been digging with swords. The second doorway is half buried with rubble, with the entrance blocked off, you decide to explore the other room, over the other side of the river. One at a time you cross the bridge, unnerved by how much it sways. Eventually you make it across and enter the claustrophobic room. As the last member of your band crosses the threshold, a curtain of magical energy snaps into being sealing the room off. Laughter fills the air and chills you to the core.

“You think I would bury the treasure there?” A figure appears, hovering in the air before you. “A little easy to find don’t you think? You wouldn’t believe how many people fall for it. Once I’m done with you, I’ll uncover the pit and throw your bodies in there as well.” In such a small space, it’s going to be hard to fight your way out of this one and not get in each other’s way. Good luck

The second chamber: On defeating the creature, the whole cavern trembles. You don’t hang around after being trapped in that suffocating space: you all pile out of the room and fall to your knees by the river. Across the other side, the rubble has fallen away, disturbed by the tremors caused by the defeat of the creature guarding this place. There is now a space big enough to crawl through.

You look at each other nervously. Would the next room hold another evil being? There was still time to turn back. Or the boat could lead you out, the breeze does tickle your face, teasing freedom. But then you would still be penniless and with conscription looming, did it really count as free? Time to make a choice.

Those who choose to explore the second chamber crawl over the last rocks and find themselves in what looks like a witch’s chamber. A pentagram in painted on the floor, with candles flickering around the edge. A woman in tattered robes is cowering behind the table that holds many bottles and jars.

“You defeated him? Oh my, heavens be praised, you truly are heroes. I am Freya, I have been stuck here with that monster for well, it must be close to one hundred years now. I’m afraid if you’ve come for the treasure, I can only offer you a few gold coins, alas the treasures I once had have been stolen by the monster and taken to his other lairs. I can give you what I have and the boat will lead you out but now I am free I must away to the fourth Kingdom.”

You look at each other in confusion.

“Oh yes, there are many other Kingdoms beyond these lands and they are in danger. The creature you vanquished here is one of many and they are tyrannous overlords of the faraway lands. If they are allowed to, they will become too strong and will eventually reach these shores. I must get warning to them. Now you have vanquished the creature my magic is unbound and I can travel again.”

The Pentagram starts to glow before shimmering energy shoots into the sky and a gateway forms before your very eyes.

“My family rule the fourth Kingdom so I must do my duty and return, I only hope I am in time. Unless… you have proven yourselves to be brave warriors. You can take these coins and go on your way but if you come with me, if we survive, I can promise you much more. What do you say?”


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