Ghost Tale (a prompt poem)

This year vssGhostTales is releasing a prompt every week for 2023 and in my infinite wisdom, I have started a poem. Each week, I’ll add a new verse based on the prompt word that carries on the story. Will I manage to keep this going for 52 weeks, will I remember each week? Only time will tell…

Every few generations the veil becomes dust.

Spirits move through and walk among us.

One particular spectre did refuse to return

So gather in close and of him you will learn

Caution however, if you feel shifts in the air

Don’t turn around as you might find him there

As day turns to night he travels the halls

Like a #banshee he wails making skin crawl

Those who reside in his eternal tomb

Never can enter that one #accursed room

Where the temperature drops and visions abound

In the corner he stands grinning and proud

Few he has managed to entice within

He preys on those pure without sin

Their minds he does tarnish with #wicked ideas

No freedom for them when his voice they hear

Only one did escape, set to cast evil aside

The #bones he searched for both far and wide

Try as he might, the source remained lost

He knew he must find it no matter the cost

Every shadow he checked in waning light

Phantom horrors he saw ever haunting his sight

To the house, he realised he had to return

If secrets of the spectre he was to learn

As he entered the house, the ghost did wake

The windows rattled and the walls did shake

Fear began #crawling up the man’s spine

Before his ears registered the unholy whine

The torch he gripped tighter, iron rod he raised

Praying this was not where he ended his days

He began searching each room in turn

No clue was left, there was much here to learn

Papers and photos adorning the shelves

A couple’s #romance, into their life he delved

The man in the photo, was it his soul that lurked?

What fate befell them and the house he cursed?

As he touched the photo, he did hear a #shriek

It pierced his soul, made his legs weak

From the depths he felt others awake

More spirits arose after the unnatural quake

Led by the spectre, they soon filled the place

He hefted his rod, ready for evil he’d face

Like gusts of wind, around him they swirled

Each a soul severed from this world

He could feel each one’s desire to leave

To earn their release, the spectre’d made them #believe

A replacement first they had to find

And to the house they would bind

To distant corners the ghosts did depart

The spectre hid in the house’s #ethereal heart

Each ghost he would have to defeat

He summoned his strength for all he would meet

Each victory a #catalyst for evil’s demise

Or his soul the house would claim as a prize

As he started to move to the next room

The light dimmed + filled with such gloom

Yet through the dark, piercing eyes did glow

The first creature arisen to strike the first blow.

A second spirit nearby he could sense

But this one had quite a different intent


One thought on “Ghost Tale (a prompt poem)

  1. 52 weeks of poetry is an extremely tall order, you have, however, made an inspiring start 👍
    One hopes that the prompt words will allow the flow of this to build to an ending that keeps us right on the edge of terrified curiosity until your work is done 🫣👻

    Liked by 1 person

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