Training Day- Avalon and Albion

Written in reponse to Mid-Week Flash Challenge 286. A prequel short to the Avalon and Albion flash fiction series available by subscribing to the Cloaked Press newsletter.

“You need to be quicker.” Thosilian loosed another bolt towards Kaekillian. He managed to dodge and begin tracing at the same time but he noticed too late that the move had been a feint. Thosilian had already launched another attack, into the space Kaekillian had dodged into.

Kaekillian changed his patternwork at the last minute and started to morph the magic into a barrier, only manging to get it up in time to deflect it the blast, still taking some of the kinetic energy through his body.

“If you’re going to work solo over there, you need to be able to look after yourself.” Thosilian shook his head, turning his back on Kaekillian. Irritation flared in him: they may be best friends but Thosilian did always think he was better and stronger. Kaekillian stay on the floor, still tracing and lashed out at his friend’s back, allowing more power into his blast than he really should have.

Thosilian spun on the spot, seeming to sense the attack and brought his sword across him, his power coursing through it and managing to divert it all up to the Glasshouse’s roof. The barrier spell danced, fireworks exploding in all directions as it soaked up the excess power.

Kaekillian grimaced. Okay so perhaps Thosilian thought he was better and stronger because he was better and stronger. That’s why his friend had joined the Guard and he had joined the Stewards. He knew he wasn’t cut out to be a soldier whereas Thosilian was made for it.

“I’m not trying to embarrass you Kae.” Thosilian sighed and walked over to him, reaching out a hand. Kaekillian reluctantly took it and let him haul him to his feet. “You’re going to be alone. I never have to do that, I always have my unit with me. I don’t know why they’ve decided it’s okay to send stewards hunting in Albion alone now but I don’t like it, it’s foolish. I just want to make sure you’re prepared.” Kaekillian looked down, slightly ashamed at lashing out at him. But then he felt a pull. A literal pull and his fried sent him flying into the pool in the centre of the Glasshouse.

“See, you never let your guard down, not even for a second.” Thosilian was trying to cover his laughter but was making a poor effort. “Okay, may embarrass you a little.”


One thought on “Training Day- Avalon and Albion

  1. 😂😂😂😂😂
    Having been an avid reader of the Albion and Avalon series, seeing Kaekillian as an underling is extremely amusing.
    I highly recommend to others who read the blogs of the amazing Lexikonical, to search out the series online & subscribe. It is a witty and thought provoking series based on magic & parallel universes…. well worth a look. I’m certainly glad I get to see the next episode….👏🥳

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