From above (a short story)

“What do you think’s up there?” Arioch looked nervously at the moving staircase. They moved slowly, tauntingly. He had approached them earlier and they had sped up ever-so-slightly; he had not gone near since. They never seemed to end. With each second a new, grey, metallic step emerged from the depths and rolled upwards, forming … Continue reading From above (a short story)

Paradox Syndrome (A Tempus Rock short)

“Take me to him,” Tobias tried his best to imitate Dr Carmichael from the Ministry. He drew himself up to his full height, clasped his hands behind his back and stared at the nurse with the distinct air of knowing better than anyone else nearby. It seemed to do the trick. The nurse nodded and … Continue reading Paradox Syndrome (A Tempus Rock short)