Reflections (A Short Story)

They said I had an over-active imagination, let my brain run wild with the stories in my head. My grandparents thought I’d had enough of books, filling my head with stories, time to let me go out in the real world. They didn’t understand that’s where it all came from. I sat by the stream … Continue reading Reflections (A Short Story)

When We Believe

They told stories by the bedside and legends around the fire. A thousand eyes lit up with awe and wonder The possibilities danced in the air, unbound by imagination In the sun, they ran and charged, fighting evil and doing good All in our name as they took on the mantle They ran to the … Continue reading When We Believe

Single suitcase in the hall – a prompt flash fiction story

This story was written in response to Putting My Feet in the Dirt's April Writing Prompts “And you want me to find out whose it is?” Eva stared at the case that had been dumped in the middle of her desk. Her paperwork had been folded underneath, she could see one of them crumpled, … Continue reading Single suitcase in the hall – a prompt flash fiction story