Infinity mirror

This was written in response to #MidWeekFlash writing prompt. The picture can be found here. Do check out the image before reading so you know who you are following into the woods... “We’ve been here before.” “We can’t have been, no footprints look.” Harley pointed down at the blanket of snow, completely untouched. “We’ve definitely … Continue reading Infinity mirror

Training wheels – short writing prompt fiction

Hey, how are you doing? I wasn't sure if my letters were getting out to you. There was a rumour that they were being put straight into the furnace after someone tried to smuggle pages of the Tartaran Lexicon out in the post. Nobody knows if anything did get out, but we haven't seen Dekia … Continue reading Training wheels – short writing prompt fiction


It's nice when someone likes your story. I know it's not all about competition and credits but let's be honest, it's an amazing feeling when one of your stories is accepted for something. Sort of opposite to the crushing dismay when one is rejected. Sometimes, it's just about finding the right place for your work. … Continue reading SUCCESS!