Micro fiction

As I mentioned in my blog post ‘Enter the Microdome’, I have been lured into the seductive world of micro stories on Twitter. There are lots of daily and weekly prompts that run and the odd competition to go along with. Sometimes you enjoy a micro story so much, you end up comng back to it and building upon it in subsequent tweets (you can see some examples below). I’ve even had the pleasure of joining in with some brilliant writers on a new #sevendaystory project where you are put in a group, assigned a day and each of you builds on the work from the previous day’s writer using the #vss365 prompt. It is intense, a bit of pressure to do them justice, but mostly a lot of fun. The micro stories have made me write every day if even only for a few minutes and it has allowed me to meet some great writer friends!! I can highly recommend giving them a go! Below I will be adding some of my micro stories so you can see the sorts of things that you can create with only a short space and a one word prompt. If you want to see more of these, head over to my Twitter feed, they are being added daily!

I sat in the courtroom awaiting the verdict, not that I was worried. The man in the dock sobbed in fear but the case against him was airtight, I had made sure of that. What was when you had a majority? I smiled as the jury returned. 30/9/18

The telltale quiet told her they had arrived, moving silently through the building. So this would be her Calmly, she stood and bolted the door to give her time to clean up. A few keystrokes and the hard drives were wiped. She picked up the pistol and waited.  30/9/18

The machine sat throbbing on the bench; condensation forming on the gleaming brass. I had run all the tests I could, now was time for the real . My heart was starting to race as I strapped the chronometer to my wrist and set the dial to 1890, 2 years ahead.

I felt a thrum of electricity run through me as it enveloped me in a protective layer. Tesla said it would stop me being torn apart in the time stream. I hoped he was right. But there was no time for doubts as the field reached critical and threw me into the

I ripped the from the wall and rammed it into my pocket. It wasn’t until I reached the alleyway that I pulled it out to look at it again. A smile spread across my lips. For years, I had hunted him across time. Now I was close. 28/9/18

Stood behind Victoria, I watched the exchange with interest. The Queen’s chair hissed gently as the steam generator powered her life systems. Since her illness in 1901, her reign had been questioned but she would continue to rule, and I would continue to empower her. 21/9/18

Her sounded like rattling pipes ejecting steam to equalise pressure. Most of her subjects recoiled but dare not say a word. Her grip on reality was loosening, I was all she trusted. I leaned in to her ear and whispered. Her withered hand pointed to the man. “Him.” 27/9/18

The atmosphere in the room was , the faces staring back completely disinterested. She sighed, feeling weighed down by their apathy. They had no idea who she really was; after hours she was a someone- someone to be respected. 26/9/18

It was my birthday when he disappeared. And when he reappeared. He was only gone for five minutes but in that time his face had become lined, his hair speckled with grey. But his smile was the same,” Come on, I’ve got something to show you.”  25/9/18

The moon showed its on the last day of the cycle, bringing forth its children. The wolves howled at the sight of the gleaming white goddess in the sky. The sighed. What carnage would be wrought this time in the name of the pack? 23/9/18

For her, anxiety was a constant conflict going on inside her mind. Every day, she battled and took the small victories wherever she could. But would she the war? 22/9/18

“I’ve got rhythm, I got music,” she hummed tunelessly to herself as she walked, her heels clicking melodically. The gap between her and the person in front closed as she their strides. “I got my man..” She reached into her bag and fell silent. 20/9/18

“The odd thing about the dreams is how real they feel, every physical sensation.” “How are sure they are dreams then?” “Because you are here, silly,” she sighed as he seemed to slide to the floor. “And I killed you four years ago.”  18/9/18

“Are you sure I can’t you to join our venture?” Cal looked at the limp body in the corner of the room, a thin red line traced the curve of his throat, “Think I’ll pass, not heard great things about HR.” Her sneer twisted her features. He tensed,waiting.   17/9/18

“You think I’m going to do the job for a 20% cut?” Lucian slowly raised his eyes from the floorplan he was studying, “No. You’re going to do the job because you owe me. And because no other crew will take you on after the Richardson job.”  17/9/18

The trick is not to chase after them in the dark like a maniac but to draw them to you entirely of their own volition. Make them do the hard work;saves on clean up. 17/9/18

As the of mages looked down upon the accused, descended upon him. They had decided his fate before the trial had even begun. His options were dwindling fast.  16/9/18

I played back the video again. There it was, that was the blind spot in the security. Tonight was the night then; it had to count. This would be the only I would get and this time,no hitches.  15/9/18





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