The Plan- a prompt story

Written in response to February Writing Prompts on Putting My Feet In The Dirt no.27 a gambler and a thief A gambler and a thief walk into a bar. Sounds like the start of a joke right? But there we were, not long before last orders, wandering in to not the most salubrious of establishments. … Continue reading The Plan- a prompt story


Why Writing Is Like Being An Avenger

A bold opening gambit I know but stay with me. I had this epiphany the other day. Recently, I blogged about the reasons I write and they were varied and relatively sane. And then I saw the new trailer for Avengers Endgame and realised something new. I'll warn you now, I love the MCU (not … Continue reading Why Writing Is Like Being An Avenger

Miss Nicoletta and the Mysterious Mecha-Dinosaur

It doesn't take much for the general populace to get excited these days. Even so, the noise and rushing of children closely followed by harrassed nannies piqued my interest. As I followed the hubbub, I realised that something was most definitely afoot. A crowd had gathered that would've put the Great Exhibiton to shame. Unfortunately, … Continue reading Miss Nicoletta and the Mysterious Mecha-Dinosaur