Airbus Acquisitions – a prompt short story

A stroll around the deck lead me to the forward section of the airbus. We’d been on the Cumulo for three weeks and we were now into the last six days of sailing. It was nearly time. I allowed myself a few moments respite as I leant over the railings. A netting below made it … Continue reading Airbus Acquisitions – a prompt short story

There can be only…well a few?

Photo by João Silas on Unsplash Disclaimer: If you haven't seen any of Highlander, there are some pretty major spoiler in here. World-building. No matter what genre or type of story you are writing, there needs to be some kind of world-building. It could be that actually you are setting it in the real world … Continue reading There can be only…well a few?


It's nice when someone likes your story. I know it's not all about competition and credits but let's be honest, it's an amazing feeling when one of your stories is accepted for something. Sort of opposite to the crushing dismay when one is rejected. Sometimes, it's just about finding the right place for your work. … Continue reading SUCCESS!