Doorways – Midweek flash fiction challenge

It’s impossible to escape. I haven’t been back in years but still it lurks in every puddle, every river, every stream. You look into the water and you see your reflection, most people do. To most people the other place is locked away, inaccessible. But once you been, it is forever unlocked, even if you … Continue reading Doorways – Midweek flash fiction challenge

Blending – ‪#NYR2020 flash fiction entry

Here is my entry to the ‪#NYR2020- New Year's Revolution Flash Fiction Event. My theme word is evolution I had tried all avenues open to me. They had stolen everything, including my pride. But it was time for a new approach. In my current form I was helpless, pathetic. But I had the tools to … Continue reading Blending – ‪#NYR2020 flash fiction entry