On the sand – a flash fiction challenge

We stood on the beach, staring helplessly. Murmured questions rose up and rippled through the crowd in time with the tides. I gazed at the water, glistening blue in the sunshine. Would the tide continue to ebb and flow now the moon lay on the sand? Or was it just reaching out, grasping for its … Continue reading On the sand – a flash fiction challenge

Hey Mr DJ – a flash fiction tale

I saw him staring down at my world. I shouldn’t have been able to see him. He shouldn’t have been there watching. I knew he appeared differently to everyone in a world; it was like a chameleon mechanism. Here I could see a giant figure looming over, a metallic face lit up with strobe lights. … Continue reading Hey Mr DJ – a flash fiction tale

Infinity mirror

This was written in response to #MidWeekFlash writing prompt. The picture can be found here. Do check out the image before reading so you know who you are following into the woods... “We’ve been here before.” “We can’t have been, no footprints look.” Harley pointed down at the blanket of snow, completely untouched. “We’ve definitely … Continue reading Infinity mirror