Hey Mr DJ – a flash fiction tale

I saw him staring down at my world. I shouldn’t have been able to see him. He shouldn’t have been there watching. I knew he appeared differently to everyone in a world; it was like a chameleon mechanism. Here I could see a giant figure looming over, a metallic face lit up with strobe lights. … Continue reading Hey Mr DJ – a flash fiction tale

Release the Genie- Lockhouse Escape

Trashhand I love escape rooms. A holiday isn't complete unless I've been locked in a room for sixty minutes while I yell for more clues. I've done various themes: spies, averting nuclear missiles, serial killers, robbing a bank amongst others. It's been a while since I've been in one. Certain...global events...shall we say, had stopped … Continue reading Release the Genie- Lockhouse Escape