The Seer

He entered the Seer’s chamber. He supressed the shiver that ran down his spine every time he set foot in the room. The light was poor, only candle light casting dancing shadows on the litter of furniture that filled the dusty, dank room. He didn’t know why they refused to install the new lighting system … Continue reading The Seer

Views- a short story

Today, I gave my class 30 minutes free writing time. I asked them to write a story based  a picture and write about whatever the girl can see through a telescope. The extra challenge was whether they could make me feel hopeful when reding it. I decided there was no reason I couldn't write too … Continue reading Views- a short story

Miss Nicoletta and the Mysterious Mecha-Dinosaur

It doesn't take much for the general populace to get excited these days. Even so, the noise and rushing of children closely followed by harrassed nannies piqued my interest. As I followed the hubbub, I realised that something was most definitely afoot. A crowd had gathered that would've put the Great Exhibiton to shame. Unfortunately, … Continue reading Miss Nicoletta and the Mysterious Mecha-Dinosaur