The Monster in the Cabin

The walkway had remanants of ice creeping round the edges, climbing out of the water and trying to reach me. Each step took a huge amount of effort to stay upright. It took even more effort to keep going forward. The water itself was calm. It was as pristine as a mirror, completely without blemish. … Continue reading The Monster in the Cabin


Heist of a Lifetime – a flash fiction story

"How are we going to get out of here!" Rick's voice betrayed his rising level of hysteria. The vault door was firmly shut behind them and the armed police were in position. Everything had gone wrong but the gang's leader was still loading money into his bag like he didn't have a care in the … Continue reading Heist of a Lifetime – a flash fiction story

The Seer

He entered the Seer’s chamber. He supressed the shiver that ran down his spine every time he set foot in the room. The light was poor, only candle light casting dancing shadows on the litter of furniture that filled the dusty, dank room. He didn’t know why they refused to install the new lighting system … Continue reading The Seer