Cracks – A Tempus Rock short


‘I dialled everything in correctly before you blame me.’

‘Well it doesn’t look like 1860 to me.’ While started stomping around the room, poking at things in annoyance.

Tobias gave a huff and looked down at the chronometer. Everything was perfect. ‘It says we are exactly where we are supposed to be.’

‘I’m more worried about the when Toby.’

‘Yes, very drole While.’

‘No I’m serious.’

The other agent had stopped attacking the objects and was now examining them more closely. Tobias moved over to join him by the sideboard. It was caked in dust and dirt. A spider scuttled across the back, annoyed at the disturbance.

‘None of this fits.’ While gestured to the objects on display. Tobias looked closer and realised his partner was right. There was porcelain that was hundreds of years old next to a typewriter that looked like it was brand new. The photo showed a man in uniform that didn’t match anything Tobias recognised. His hand hovered over a box that was alien to him. ‘That’s a pager. At least sixty years too early, more for one like that.’

‘An unauthorised traveller?’ Tobias moved to a nearby bookcase, looking for any hints of the occupant. If someone was time travelling without permission, it would explain the strange readings that drew them here.

‘Worse.’ While had moved to the window and pushed aside the curtain. He held it wider and waited for Tobias to join him.

‘Oh.’ Outside was nothing. Not just quiet, a complete void. Utter blackness surrounded them on all sides. ‘We’re in a crack aren’t we.’

‘Yep. Now, how the hell are we going to get out.’

Written in repsonse to Mid Week FlashChallenge week 271. Find the picture prompt and other stories here.


One thought on “Cracks – A Tempus Rock short

  1. Such a long time, since we revisited Toby & co @Tempus Rock…or is it? 🤔
    My only issue with this offering is, how long have to wait to find out how they escape from the crack 🤔



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