Temporal anomaly

Jason hated taking Tobias to the future. Well future for Tobias anyway. Going to visit things that you knew through historical study was fine. You had a point of reference, you knew what was going on. But when you go forward…

‘But While, this could be a temporal malfunction. The state of it, it seems to have been here for some time. Have you heard of other objects out of their usual locale?’ He carried on circling the sofa, crouching down to get a closer look. Jason rolled his eyes as Tobias picked as the layer of green moss that had consumed what was left of the fabric. It was impossible to know what colour it had initially been.

‘I wonder if we could get it back to the Ministry? Get it analysed, find out how it became dislodged, whether it is simply through space rather than time also. Perhaps it was in a bubble, that would explain the accelerated aging and decay whilst no-one did anything about it.’

The tree beside them erupted in a shower of bird shrieks and protests. Even the crows were getting sick of Tobias’ waffling. Jason stared up as the flock abandoned him to stand with his partner. ‘Cowards.’

‘What was that?’ Tobias’ head popped up from behind the sofa, his eye wide in expectation.

‘I said, it’s called flytipping. There’s nothing unusual about it.’


‘Things like this cost to get rid of, so it’s cheaper to dump it somewhere and let it rot.’

‘That’s,’ Tobias screwed up his nose, ‘nasty.’

‘Yep. Sorry Toby, the future isn’t shiny and clean. Too many humans involved.’

This was written in response to mid-week flash flash challenge: https://purplequeennl.blogspot.com/2021/07/mid-week-flash-challenge-week-209.html


3 thoughts on “Temporal anomaly

  1. I hope that time travel really does not exist, ever. The human race has enough excuses to ruin this planet, transporting all our detritus to the future that’s just nasty!
    But then maybe that’s exactly what happened & the future sent a plague to kill us off & clean up their world 😂


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