Warden of realms – a flash fiction story

Phil Koch horizon
Phil Koch

I walked further up the shore lamenting my lack of shoes. The stones were slick and smooth as my toes curled round to try and get grip on them. The quiet enveloped me. All that could be heard was the waves gently creeping up on the shore before rushing back out to the sea. Purple light glowed against my skin; it looked magical. I had never been anywhere with a sky like that. Pinks and purples wrestling each other for their place in the heavens.

I let myself sit for a moment. Wherever my next mission was, it was could wait a moment. The last few places I had been had all been frantic. People rushing and shouting, no room to breathe let alone move. No-one ever had time to listen, my presence was always a hindrance despite my trying to help them. It seemed humankind across the realms were very similar.

The air was cool, almost too cold but the sensation against my skin was a welcome relief. My hair floated up in the breeze as it flowed round me. I studied the stones beneath me more closely and that’s when I noticed the dust between them. They had beaten me to this realm. Sometimes I reached a realm before They had a chance to consume, sometimes they were in the middle of attacking. Occasionally a realm was too far past saving. But that didn’t stop me destroying what had been left behind. As long as one realm still stood against the creatures, I battled on.

The hairs on the back of my arms jerked to attention as the voice encroached on my mind.

“Lana,” it was a whisper and a shout all at once. “This realm is all but lost but there is a weapon here you must retrieve. It could help us eradicate them from all realities at once.”

“A weapon?” I spoke out loud even though the voice could read my every thought. I struggled to contain my excitement at the idea of destroying Them.

“Go to the city, find the survivors who are underground. Look for the child named Ka’nai.”

“The child has the weapon?”

“The child is the weapon.”


Written in response to FInding Clarity’s mid-Week Flash Challenge #131 https://purplequeennl.blogspot.com/2019/10/mid-week-flash-challenge-week-131.html


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