When We Believe

They told stories by the bedside and legends around the fire.

A thousand eyes lit up with awe and wonder

The possibilities danced in the air, unbound by imagination

In the sun, they ran and charged, fighting evil and doing good

All in our name as they took on the mantle

They ran to the dark, challenging, fighting you

Until it was time to be called back in

Still, as they slept, their adventures continued

As they kept the land safe and fed in to our nature.


But time would pass and the stories grew stale

No more would they play out our victories

No more would they run to the dark

Now they watch it nervously, all innocence and belief gone

The warriors of good, all banished to the past

Figments of an overactive childhood

But now the stories turn dark in their minds

As the real world encroaches on theirs

Monsters lurk in all the shadows, and they keep well away.

All courage buried beneath the tales that feed into your strength

We would fight, if we could, yet the power has all but gone

As our stories pass into childhood memory, we become like ghosts

No longer do they believe in us, they now believe in you

We watch over them and hope and pray the next generation hold their nerve

If they give enough hope and believe strongly enough

Then we can run to the dark,

At you,

For them

This was written in response to Putting My Feet In The DIrt’s may writing prompt #6 https://puttingmyfeetinthedirt.com/2020/05/01/may-writing-prompts-3/


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