Meteor Fall- An Anthology of The Collective

It began on a dark and stormy night… okay, it didn’t. I can’t remember what the weather was like but I do remember getting a message about a project called Meteor Fall and asking whether I would be interested in it. Well, as it was a Cloaked Press project, the answer was 99% likely to be a yes as long as I could get the time. Then I read the premise, and I definitely was going to make time.

Andrew M Ferrell is the brains behind our outfit and set out the mysterious and intriguing world of The Collective. Strange things happen when meteors visit Earth and have done through the centuries. The world at large has no idea, with many tales getting buried under myth and legend unless The Collective gets there first and manages to clean up before anyone notices.

But a global event is on the horizon and things are getting out of hand. It won’t be long before the whole world figures out there is more to the meteors than pretty streaks of light in the night sky.

Meteor Fall is a collection of stories from this world, telling tales of the Collective, ordinary people who have crossed paths with meteors and other interested parties. The tales weave a web, setting us up for the events to come with many a easter egg being left in stories here and there. The authors included in this first (cough yes first, I’m feeling pretty hopeful about this) are Andrew M Ferrell, James Pyles, Sandy Stuckless, Molly Neely, Ian Hugh McAllister and yours truly. I have two stories in this collection: Agents of Retribution and The Vault and that’s all the hints you’re going to get. If you want to know more, and you know you do, buy the book!! You won’t regret it I promise!

I’ve been incredibly excited and honoured to be involved in this project and to be trusted with the world of The Collective. It’s the first shared world project I’ve been involved in and it was awesome. Tweaking elements to make sure they fit the timeline and the events of other stories was half the fun and I sincerely hope the band gets back together for a reunion tour. But rest assured, we won’t be wearing capes. Our characters might though…

Find a link below and let us know what you think!


One thought on “Meteor Fall- An Anthology of The Collective

  1. Can’t wait to immerse myself in this new fantastical world… I knew there was more to the myths & legends 🤣
    Fingers crossed for the continuation of the collective & it’s world 🤞


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