Training wheels – short writing prompt fiction

Hey, how are you doing? I wasn’t sure if my letters were getting out to you. There was a rumour that they were being put straight into the furnace after someone tried to smuggle pages of the Tartaran Lexicon out in the post. Nobody knows if anything did get out, but we haven’t seen Dekia the librarian in a while. Have heard a lot of screaming though, mostly about folding corners of pages.

Anyway, training hasn’t been too bad. Although today wasnt so great. We were learning a hex cantation. Bezzah was getting it spot on, as usual. You remember Bezzah, the one with a blue tinge and too many teeth, like proper pointed fangs? Yeah, well, proper show off he is. Even managed to broker a crossroads deal when we were allowed topside for a night off. Whatever, where was I? Oh yeah, hex cantation. Well I though it was going well, I’d been doubling down on my pronunciation practise. Everyone else, they get a crack of thunder when they’re done. Me? A gust of wind tore through the class and sent off the papers flying everywhere. Everyone was rolling around laughing like lunatics.

Xaphiel was not impressed, yelled at everyone else to calm down while he started tidying his assignment sheets but no-one did. They just kept laughing. Not one of them stopped. I mean Bezzah is blue enough as it is, but after five minutes, he was starting at go turquoise. The only two not laughing are me and Xaphiel. Turns out the video I’d been watching online to help with pronunciation was recorded by someone who was half dragodemon, you know split lizard tongue so mine was all off. (They totally should ahve put that in the description on the video.) Anyway, long story short, Bezzah is still in the infirmary as he keeps having relapses until the hex fully collapses and Xaphiel asked me to go to his office. I though I was in proper trouble, turns out, he thinks I might have an ear for dragodemon dialect and wants to do some extra training to see if I can master it. Can you believe it? I’ll be breathing fire in no time.

Anyway, better go, there are a group of us that are going to watch a crossroad deal payout tonight. Think it’s going to get ugly.

Write soon!

This was written in response to the March Writing Prompts on Putting My Feet In The Dirt


One thought on “Training wheels – short writing prompt fiction

  1. Oh my goodness! What a laugh. To actually think that demons in training act like us 😆👿
    But then thinking about it maybe not so funny…are they like us or are we like them or…?😈😂

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