Come Follow The Circus

This was written in response to #MidWeekFlash writing prompt. The picture can be found here. Do check out the image before reading so you know who you are following into the woods…

You shouldn’t have followed me here, dear girl, ‘twas an error.

The show’s back that way, just follow the sounds of the crowd.

In the tent, all is safe, controlled and bespelled

Enjoy the macabre from a distance, the freaks from afar.

Out here lurks more than man and beast, you’ve been warned

And I cannot guarantee your life nor your soul.

Stay close, stay low and don’t make a sound

Keep your wits about you and your eyes open wide

For you may not see them but they know about you.

You’re confused, I can tell but what were you thinking?

You follow me here into the darkness beyond.

Where did you think my oddities came from?

The Circus may look to delight and astound

But beneath our costumes a higher calling is hidden.

So roll up, roll up, see the monsters and mayhem

The wolfman howl at the moon,

The siren draw the men to the stage.

But consider this,

Is it all a grand trick and illusion for all?

In your heart you know the truth, it is why you came.

Some come for the thrill, for the spectacle on show,

Others come for the hunt, the true purpose of our band.

You may think me a clown, a ringmaster, a fool

But while you stay safely in the tent,

Protected by my charges

I hunt the things that make your dreams curdle

Trap the things that make the woods cry in terror

Protect your village from the horrors in the dark.

Some repent their wickedness and take up arms

Others, find my axe the only release.

Now hurry, I said stay close, we’re nearing its nest

A cruel creature resides close-by with no mercy or soul

It thinks it is clever, luring in its prey.

Has no idea all the while it’s been drawn into my trap

Ah yes, I see you realise, you thought you had me disadvantaged.

I see through your disguise, as I said, it’s my calling

Oh it’s too late to run, you will see we surround you

Now, as I said, my dear, consider your two choices

Turn your back on your murderous ways, come away with the Circus

Or is it the axe? It’s up to you, there’s no rush.


3 thoughts on “Come Follow The Circus

  1. Love the twist.😁
    The build up was slow, methodical & had just enough to pull the reader in. Makes them wonder who the man is talking to. Then you realise something is not as it seems. A cracking little story.

    Liked by 1 person

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