Moving hallways – A Tempus Rock short

This was written in response to #MidWeekFlash Challenge no.288 on Finding Clarity. Visit the blog to see the picture prompt for this week’s short. More Tempus Rock stories are available right here!

‘Haven’t seen this corridor before…’ While tentatively stepped out of the stairwell and into the new hallway. Tempus Rock was a fickle thing, he still didn’t quite know how to classify it. All he knew was it led you to where it wanted you to be, not where you had been heading.

‘No, me neither.’

‘Got any theory about why the Minister wanted to meet us here? All a bit cloak and dagger isn’t it?’ While couldn’t help but let his hand fall to his side and graze his weapon, just in case. He knew he was technically on safe ground but things had been, well odd lately.

Tobias was staying behind his partner, studying the intricate patterns on the carpet. ‘No, can’t say I do. But I don’t much like it either.’

While paused, his eyes flickering between the identical blue doors. ‘Here, you do think it is our Minister right, not one of the other clones?’

‘Don’t be ridiculous, they all look completely different, I know which is which.’

While turned to him. They stared for a good few seconds before he spoke again. ‘You know what clone means right?’

Any answer was cut off by a door ahead opening up unaided.

‘Well, that’s not at all unnerving.’ Tobias peered over While’s shoulder. The spotlights in the hallway began to flicker. While took a deep breath and turned back towards their destination.

‘When we’re done here, we’re going to a bar. Not the one downstairs, a proper bar, one in a fixed place in time and space. No moving corridors, no clones, just whiskey, a barrel load of whiskey.’ While carried on moving, ignoring the feeling he’d stepped into a seventies’ horror film. He shuddered; the whole place looked cold as well as felt it. He moved up to the open door and glanced to check his weapon was charged.

‘Get a move on you two,’ came the voice from inside the room. ‘Being able to time travel does not mean I am more willing to waste it waiting for imbecile agents.’

While nodded and took his hand away from his weapon. ‘Yep, sounds like her.’

2 thoughts on “Moving hallways – A Tempus Rock short

  1. While and Tobias have obviously been doing some ‘off the books’ time travel, as they’ve been absent for a while ( no pun intended)😂😂

    Glad to see the minister has retained her sense of humour though👍😂

    More please, when possible, like …next time or last week or this time last Monday week? 😜


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